Swiftmile was founded with a pirate-like spirit and a lofty goal: to find a simpler and more common-sense approach to solving the last mile problem in transportation using electric bikes.

The idea was sparked after a miserable commute endured by one of the founders trying to navigate the Bay Area’s clogged roadways. While sitting frustrated at a clogged intersection, he noticed a dressed commuter, work clothes and all, Swiftly ride by on an electric bike in the bike lane with a huge smile on his face... there was, of course, no traffic at all in the bike lane. An idea was born: why not build an on-demand, sharing system for electric bikes that would help get people out of their cars and where they need to go. This could impact local traffic, decrease smog and congestion while providing a much cleaner, efficient and healthier way for people to get around.

In the few short years since we founded the company, Swiftmile has come a long way. Today, our award winning eBike transit system is deployed at some of the most innovative companies in the world that recognize the need for a much more efficient way to get their people around with, of course... a smile on all their faces.

Swiftmile wins Verizons Powerful Answers Award.

Beating out 1500 Companies from 78 countries.